Rauna Municipality and Vecpiebalga Municipality in Latvia are small towns both located
in a completely rural area, on the scenic Vidzeme upland, close to biggest hill of Latvia - Gaizinš.
The region is rich of lakes, woods, and hills about 120 km from Riga. The nearest cities are Madona, about 40 km from Vecpiebalga, and Cesis, about 50 km far.

Rauna Project coordinator:
Mareks Dombrovskis

Vecpiebalga Project coordinator:
Lelde Burdaja

The project coordinator is the Municipality of Lombardore, located 26 km far from the metropolitan area of Torino, is a small municipality with about 1.750 residents. The area is completely rural.
The municipality manages one sport facility with gym, volley and basket camp, the facilities is mainly used by the schools (students aged 3 to 13). The municipality is trying to organise better and open to
all (specially those more disadvantaged) sport activities in cooperation with the inter-municipal Social Consortium CISS38 and

the surrounding municipalities involving young aged 11/24. The Consortium represents 36 municipalities, for a total population of 75.362 inhabitants and manages all the social services of the area specially addressed to those more disadvantaged.

Project coordinator:
Luciana Mellano

Sant Just Desvern Municipality, Spain, is a municipality of 17.000 habitants 15% of which are people with other European nationalities. Is located in Baix Llobregat region, its main characteristic is the high level of coexistence of different EU cultures.

Project coordinator:
Aroa Carmona

Akademika 245 in Bulgaria (Antonovo), is a nonprofit public benefit organization aimed at young people and adults to support the process of their organization, motivation and presentation of ideas related to democratic citizenship and human rights, European standards and better way of life in the fields of education, culture, health, social policy, sport and tourism.
The mission of the organisation is to encourage young people and adults in Bulgaria for their active participation and equal access to education and quality sport activities. 

Project coordinator:
Neli Nikolova